The Bad Boy of Bowling

The story of bowling's first ever rock star.

Bryan Storkel

An award-winning film focusing on the life and times of bowling’s self-proclaimed bad boy Pete Weber and how he became a rock star of the sport.

When Weber first turned pro, he would act out and yell things like, “Who do you think you are? I am.” “The Bad Boy of Bowling.”

It wasn’t the type of behavior the PBA had seen before, so as a result, they suspended him for months. But when the PBA¬†got used to his exuberant personality, it didn’t take long before fans embraced his energy and bowling became a lot more exciting to watch.

As one of the sports most animated competitors, the sunglass-wearing 10-time major champion has never worried about being loved or hated on the lanes, and never fails to get attention from spectators at some of bowling’s major competitions like the U.S. Open or USBC Masters.

In this ESPN 30 for 30 short documentary, we see how Pete Weber became a bowling superstar and as one SA Today writer put it, “He’s the greatest show in bowling.”

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