Banaz: A Love Story

Deeyah Khan

This documentary tells the horrific story of Banaz Mahmod, a young British woman who was murdered by her own family. With help from the Kurdish community, Banaz’s senseless death came as the result of being forced into an arranged marriage with a man 10 years her senior, and simply because she fell in love with someone of her choosing.

The case sent shock waves around the world and received worldwide press coverage, but until this documentary, her voice has never been heard.

After years of gaining the trust from the police detectives who solved the brutal murder, Banaz: A Love Story showcases heart-breaking footage of Banaz herself as she reveals the terrifying details and prediction of her own death.

The video footage, which was previously never released was obtained by the filmmakers to give the public and insight into the warmth, beauty, and courage of the young victim.

Despite the horror, what emerges is a story of love…

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