Banned From The Bible II


Banned From The Bible II travels back to the blistering sands of the Holy Land, into the onion-domed chapels of Eastern Orthodox churches and the pages of the Koran on the trail of the chapters that were left out of the ultimate version of the Scriptures. In the first installment of this groundbreaking special presentation, Banned From The Bible pored over eight extracanonical texts to discover the foundation of the early Christian Bible and the intent of its creators.

As the series continues in this fascinating documentary, still more of these revealing omissions are brought to light. With the guidance of renowned scholars such as Kenneth Hanson, author of The Lost Gospels and Rabbi David Copeland, discover the Testament of Solomon, the legend of Lilith, the story of Aseneth, the complete saga of Daniel and gain insight into the Apocrypha, the so-called “hidden writings.”

Banned From The Bible 2 vastly expands our grasp of one of the most important texts in human history. Understanding what was left out of the earliest Bible gives us critical tools for analyzing the Scriptures as they have reached us today.

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