The Cat Connection


The cat, the most popular pet in Britain and the USA, is an ancient animal that has been designed and refined over millions of years to be a top predator. So how and why did it come to be sharing our homes with us?

Cats have always been a source of fascination for humankind throughout history. Today cats have become one of the world’s most popular pets perfectly suited to the lifestyle of our day. They are beautiful, enigmatic and easy-to-care-for pets. But where and when did the domestic cat originate?

It has been about 4000 years since the first cats were domesticated. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to keep and use cats to control vermin and other pests to protect stores of food.

In Ancient Egypt, the cat was revered as a hunter and worshiped as gods and goddesses. The ancient Egyptians imposed the death penalty for killing cats and cats were also mummified before being buried.

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