Beyond 911: Portraits of Resilience


This documentary takes us back to September 11, 2001, to hail the spirit of the people who led, moved and inspired America, from the morning of the world’s most horrific terrorist attacks, to the decade that followed.

See the faces and hear the stories of more than three dozen witnesses from Ground Zero to the White House. Listen to the testimonies as they describe in detail their accounts of what they saw and felt as the world changed.

“I just happen to be looking towards the Statue of Liberty. What I saw was a plane coming eye-level toward me, getting larger and larger. I can see the U on the tail,” recalls Stanley Praimnath

Beyond 911 features fire fighters and soldiers, widows and orphans, a general and an antiwar activist, to weave their stories of the 9/11 decade into an epic narrative of tragedy and transcendence.

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