The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods


For many across the world, the new year usually means a new diet. But rather than going to the gym people are turning to the supermarkets. There are more reduced calories meals sold in January then any other time of the year. The low fat food industry in worth billions of dollars, and this film asks, is a life on low fat foods any life at all?

In The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods model Zoe Salmon ditches the fine dining she’s used to and lives on nothing but pre-packaged, high processed foods that are labelled either low or lower in fat. For four weeks, Zoe finds out what is in these low calorie foods and how they affect her moods, nutritional levels, and more importantly, her weight. Zoe also meets the low calorie converts who say that eating this way isn’t just a diet, but a way of life.

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