Britain’s Real Monarch


Tony Robinson goes in search of Britain’s Real Monarch. The result is a detective story that takes him from the Tower of London, via Debretts Peerage, to the other side of the planet.

In investigating the life of Richard III, Tony Robinson was shown evidence to suggest that the royal line was tainted by the illegitimacy of Edward IV. As such, every monarch since has actually had no legitimate claim to the throne.

So who did? And, perhaps more to the point, who does? Who, by the right of succession, should we have sitting on the throne today? To find out, Tony Robinson goes in search of Britain’s Real Monarch.

He uncovers a turbulent story of civil war, aristocratic feuds, religious conflict, disgrace, bankruptcy, executions and a £5.5 million bet.

And in the end, he discovers Britain’s real monarch, someone as far removed from the splendour of Buckingham Palace as Robinson could ever have thought possible. Having found the rightful heir to the British throne, it’s then time to break the news to him…

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