Camels in the Outback

Al Jazeera

Documentary following a camel herder who wants to find an alternative way to control the mass killing of camels in outback Australia.

Camels were first brought to Australia during the mid-1800s from Pakistan and India by the British to carry equipment while exploring the outback.

Due to Australia’s outback being such a vast landscape, camels are one of the only animals that were strong enough for the job. But fast-forward over 100 years, and with the introduction of trucks and trains, camels were no longer needed. As a result, the South Australian government ruled camels populations are getting out of control and need to be culled.

The Asian camel herders weren’t happy with the decision and disobeyed the order, setting camels loose in the desert. Today, camels in outback Australia are the great, great grandchildren of the animals that helped explore and establish modern Australia.

Currently, Australia has over 1.2 camels roaming the desert – the largest wild camel population on the planet.

The government believes camels are an environmental problem and pests to farmers. They say the camels compete with livestock, destroy property and raid small towns looking for water.

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