Capturing the Friedmans


A searing documentary that captures a family in crisis through home video. The Friedmans, appeared to be a normal middle-class family who suddenly found their world turned up-side-down when father and son were charged with sex crimes against children.

True to form, the media inundated the airwaves with coverage of the alleged crime, problem was, some of the best video footage captured – as seen in Capturing the Friedmans – was filmed by the Friedman family members themselves.

In police interviews, some of the kids that Arnold Friedman had taught alleged that he played bizarre sex games with them during their computer classes. But when film-maker Andrew Jarecki interviewed some of the children himself, the story was different. Some of the kids that they were in the class – at the same time as the kids alleging the abuse – stated that nothing had happened.

Capturing the Friedmans portrayed police investigative procedures as the genesis of a “witch-hunt” in the Friedmans’ community. The charges assume that abuse took place with multiple children, over an extended period, yet none of them ever told anything of it to anyone, nor were they in distress when parents arrived to pick them up from the computer classes.

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