Gluten: A Gut Feeling


Gluten has become one of the new enemies in the pursuit of better health. Millions of people around the globe are already switching their diet from high carb, sugary foods to a more conscious, cleaner way of eating, and now gluten has joined the list in the battle of the bulge.

The gluten protein is found in wheat and grains and can be found in most foods we eat every day such as: bread, pasta, breakfast cereals etc. Many researchers warn that having a diet high in gluten can have adverse effects on the human body and promote chronic inflammatory disorders.

But we have been eating wheat and grains for years, so what’s the problem?

Humans have evolved for millions of years eating a diet that includes animal fats, fruits and veggies. It’s only been a few thousand years since we first started ingesting foods containing high amounts of gluten, therein lies the problem. The human digestive system hasn’t had enough time to evolve and properly process gluten enriched foods.

But doctors will tell you hat if you don’t have coeliac disease, you don’t need to avoid gluten. If you speak to the true believers, they will tell you that excluding gluten from your diet will cure a long list of diseases like: arthritis, depression, and even autism. But what does science tell us?

In Gluten: A Gut Feeling, Dr Maryanne Demasi wants to get to the bottom of the gluten-free diet to find out if we should all get on board, or whether it’s just another crazy diet fad.

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