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Brent Huff

The documentary Chasing Beauty takes us into the not so glamorous world of modeling, an industry that’s admired by the masses, with thousands of young hopefuls arriving in New York, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles each year, all with the dream of becoming a model.

25% of young American women would rather win “America’s Next Top Model” than the Nobel Prize. But how many of these young girls accomplish their dream? How long does success at the top last?

The beauty industry is a billion dollar a year business, flashing images of women everywhere we go. Gracing the covers of magazines to billboards and tv commercials, the model sets the benchmark for beauty.

The film is a collection of intertwined stories about models pursuits of success in the fashion and beauty business and the collateral damage that sometimes occurs. The complex world of modeling, yet intriguing, can be both treacherous and rewarding. For many who are willing to pursue this exciting business, there is a significant price to pay.

Chasing Beauty features interviews with supermodels, photographers, agents, designers, plastic surgeons, make-up artists, and psychologists and asks the simple question…what is beauty and is it worth the cost?


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  1. Hi, I just tried watching Chasing Beauty & It won’t play, stating ‘due to copyright issues, it can’t be played outside of the US’. I can understand that except I’m located in NYC. Can someone please follow up on this?
    Thank you.

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