China’s Digital Detox: Internet Gaming Addiction Rehab

A reboot rehab camp for kids addicted to gaming


With internet addiction quickly become a significant threat to society in the 21st century and over 700 million web users alone in China, it’s no wonder that it became the first country to identify the addiction as a clinical disorder.

Treated like a drug or alcohol addiction, China has now opened hundreds of rehab boot camps around the country, so concerned parents who believe virtual reality is affecting their child’s education and social lives can now send their internet-dependent for treatment.

Parents have to trick their children to get them to the specialized rehabilitation camps, usually against their will. But once the mostly teenagers arrive, they cannot leave until they have a grip on their gaming addiction.

The detox camps can cost around $1,500 per month and run for about six months. Due to the ‘one child’ policy in China, parents are willing to pay the high price to treat their only child treated. Parents are also required to attend classes to learn how to communicate better with their escapist child.

This documentary takes us to the detox camps to meet the addicts themselves to find out how they’re┬áre-introduced to the real world.

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