Crop Circles: Quest For Truth

William Gazecki

This documentary is a fascinating examination of the precise geometric patterns that have been appearing for years in fields all over the world.

It takes the exploration from fiction to fact, drawing some shocking conclusions, offering a rare insight into the inner sanctum of scientists studying crop circle formations.

Visually stunning cinematography shot on location enhances this feature-length documentary which includes rare footage and interviews with leading researchers.

Crop Circles Quest for Truth uncovers never-before-seen video footage and interviews with leading crop circle researchers and scientists that uncovers in-depth theories about the origin and nature of crop circles and the possible implications for us and our planet.

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  1. If “EYE” were a crop circle with a message, it would be this message which would leave the Human Race saying, “You Shook Me” :
    The Human Race will abolish this worship of man’s ego called Religions and Governments, or Religions and Governments will abolish the Human Race into extinction; proving man’s ego has hated GOD from the very beginning, and it “never” was the ANGEL LUCIFER! This thing called “MAN” and through the worship of his ego “MAN” created Religions proving that Religions are: The Craftiest Beast In The Garden, The Great Deceiver The False Prophet, The Talking Serpent, The Devil, The Babylonian Whore, Satan, The Dragon, as well as, man’s ego also created a tree, and now from slavery called sweat of the brow of employment the Human Race now eats the fruit from the tree; thus, from the fruit of your labor you now eat, and this tree that man’s ego created is called Governments which is “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” from which the Human Race can now eat because man’s ego uses food as a tool to enslave; therefore, from slavery now the Human Race eats; thus, man’s ego stole the freedom of GOD’s plan away from the Human Race, and this began “The Failing Human Race.” Now man’s ego has earned the definition of the craftiest beast in the garden, and this thing called man is “the great deceiver” that stole the Human Race away from GOD, and now in slavery the failing Human Race has to worship man’s ego in order to survive on a once free planet, and now the failing Human Race calls the Planet Earth, “A Man’s World.” And in the 21st Century the failing Human Race will learn that Adam and Eve were not the first “Beings” of critical thinking skills on Planet Earth, but rather Adam and Eve were Aliens placed on Earth to be the “replacement” of the failing Human Beings; thus, replace the failing Human Beings because of their worship of this thing called “MAN” and his ego that destroyed the Human Beings’ critical thinking skills, thus, stole the Human Race away from GOD’s plan, but Religion which is also called The Talking Serpent converted Adam and Eve to become Religious, and this is why Religions are sentenced, “On your belly you shall crawl and dust you shall eat!” And this is because Religions claim to be exalted high up to GOD, and Religions claim to be filled with GOD’s spirit as though Religions are full, but the sentence proves that Religions are the lowest form of life on Earth, and they are empty which is why the sentence is “On your belly you shall crawl, and dust you shall eat!” Now, another Alien who is also an ANGEL came to replace the void when the ANGEL Lucifer quit because the project became dead from the conversion of Adam and Eve to man’s Religions and Governments, and because man could not convert this Alien ANGEL known as Jesus Christ the Religious started calling Jesus Christ an alcoholic winebibber glutton always celebrating with the sinners, and then the Religious had the Alien ANGEL Jesus Christ murdered by the government of the western culture called The Roman Empire, and this is why during the Alien ANGEL Jesus Christ’s death He said, “Forgive them GOD for they know not what they do,” and this translates as: “Forgive them GOD for they know not what they do because they are Religious!” And now the failing Human Race has no ANGELIC representation what so ever as the failing Human Race continues in slavery to worship man’s ego called Religions and Governments which destroys the World in the fire and breath of the Dragon that is named Armageddon, and the Human Race calls it “Global Nuclear War” which could make the Human Race no more; thus, proving that man’s ego was the craftiest “beast” in the Garden, and is DEATH!

    It will not be surprising at all to see the failing Human Race to continue as a lower state of intelligence; thus, the failing Human Race will continue to remain in their lower state of consciousness, and the failing Human Race will continue to believe in their failure that Adam and Eve were the first “Beings” with critical thinking skills on Earth, and the failing Human Race will continue to believe that an actual serpent was talking to Adam and to Eve, and the failing Human Race will continue to believe that it was an actual snake that converted Adam and Eve away from GOD; therefore, the failing Human Race will continue to believe that GOD wanted woman to be a slave to her husband, and her husband to be a slave to the sweat of the brow system; thus, they now eat in slavery, and the failing Human Race will continue to fail by their continual worship of this thing called “MAN” and his ego called Religions and Governments, and this will keep the Human Race in failure as the failing Human Race continues to blame an innocent ANGEL Lucifer; instead, of placing the blame on the true criminal which is “MAN” and his ego called Religions and Governments because they are the “False Prophet” that deceived the Human Race away from GOD’s plan of freedom, and Religions and Governments as the “False Prophet” deceived the Human Race away from GOD’s critical thinking skills which now explains: “The Failing Human Race.” EYE 5

  2. The strangest thing happened at timeline 1:35:18; I have my computer monitor that is a Hp LP2475w on a table that is about 36 inches high from the floor to the center of the screen, and I am laying in my bed which is on the floor with my head at about 24 inches off of the floor resting on a pillow, and I am about 40 inches away from the monitor, and while I was petting my five year old female cat named “SWEET” with her on my chest; her eyes actually locked on to the monitor, and she was actually watching the monitor looking at the crop circles at the timeline of 1:35:18, and we have been together since August 22, 2013, and this is February 5, 2018 and for the first time in all this time together she actually focused on the monitor with concentration, and no it is not that I wanted it because how was I to know it would happened? It surprised me, and now I must try this again to see if it was a coincidence, but it was as though something interested her. WOW! That was fun no matter what it was because I can say that me and my “SWEET” actually watched TV together even though it was only about 30 seconds, but what a GOD given beautiful moment, and if you have a cat, try this for yourself at timeline 1:35:18, or any part of the Documentary that starts showing a sequence of crop circles because I swear “SWEET” was concentrating on looking at them. Sounds crazy, and maybe it is just a cat lover who’s imagination got away with him, but I am telling you “SWEET” was looking at the sequence with concentration! Try it for yourself cat lovers! EYE 5

    1. I tried to duplicate the experiment and all I achieved was to make her angry, and I noticed that the crop circles are turning on the computer monitor as the Documentary is filming flying around in a circle; therefore, “SWEET” was probably focused on the screen as it appears as though the screen is swirling in a circle; so, it is probably safe to say that I will keep the moment to myself as a present that caught me off guard, and I probably should have not commented on it, but at least we all can get a good laugh, and all I achieved is now making “SWEET” angry which is her language of saying enough is enough! So no more experiments with “SWEET” and crop circles on the computer monitor. Laughter. EYE 5

  3. How many Crop Circles are produced in the fields that pertains to the Human Beings food source; for example, corn fields, wheat fields etc…? EYE 5

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