The Boy With The Incredible Brain

The story of Daniel Tammet who can do inconceivable mathematical calculations in his head.


The Boy with the Incredible Brain tells the amazing story of Daniel Tammet, a boy who professes that since the age of four, he has had the ability to do unthinkable mathematical calculations in his head.

To test Daniel’s claims, filmmakers decide to drop by his house, taking with them a calculator.

They started off by asking Daniel to multiply 37 by itself, four times. To prove to viewers that he doesn’t just know the answers off by heart, they also got his to divide 13 by 97. Not only did he give the correct answer, he can also provide up to 100 decimal places. Using a borrowed computer, filmmakers were able to confirm his answers up to 32 decimal places, even surpassing the computer. Impressive!

Curious as to why he points to the table and makes finger gestures when answering, Daniel states that he can see the numbers, shapes, and patterns.

It may sound absurd, but if what Daniel can do is legit, it blows away scientific theory. It is like his brain is doing something unimaginable, he appears to be able to do math without actually thinking.

If Daniel’s ability to do maths without using his brain makes you a little jealous, he is also a wizard with words. He knows an incredible 9 languages and claims he can learn an entire language in just one week.

Is any of what Daniel can do really possible?

Follow Daniel as he takes a trip to the United States to meet the scientists who believe he may have the secret to uncovering similar traits in each of us.

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