Defeating the Hackers


The greatest threat to our world today is the keyboard. But in the perplexed world of quantum mechanics, one group of code-breaking scientists, who are equipped with possibly the earth’s most powerful computer, are taking on one common enemy – hackers.

For the past 65 years, nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction have been are our planets biggest threat, but today it’s the lone computer user armed with a keyboard and mouse that is more of a threat than bombs. Today, hackers are coming up with new ways to steal our money, our identities and our secrets. But it’s just not criminals, recently the extent of government eavesdropping has been revealed, and now powerful cyber weapons are being uncovered. In this murky world of deceit, experts are trying to harness the laws of physics and mathematics to protect us from the hackers.

Credit cards numbers stolen, social network accounts broken into, these loops holes are now fixed, but in the anonymous realm of the internet, there will always be ways to steal someone’s identity. But if you thought the havoc that a couple of teenagers can wreak is unsettling, wait until you see what the big boys can do.

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