Dirt! The Movie

Bill Benenson

Dirt! The Movie explores man’s relationship with dirt, and we are a lot closer than most people think.

The journey of man and soil began as stardust, swirling together around the solar system and planet. We are both created from the same stuff, and it took billions of years to evolve into the living source of life on earth.

Dirt has supplied us food, protection from weather, fuel, medicines, flowers, cosmetics and color – some of the things we need to survive.

Humans have had a bond with dirt and nature for around 10,000 years. We use to care for those things that cared for us, but over the years we have started to take it for granted, and that connection has weakened. Humanity has become greedy, we still depend on the soil, but today we abuse it and fill with things like poisonous seeds and pesticides.

Our neglect has impacted the skin of our planet, turning it into a hellish and dangerous landscape for all living organisms on earth.

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