Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement


Endgame details how a few elite businessmen are planning to erase global boundaries in order to conglomerate the governance of three disempowered populations: the E.U., the North American Union, and the Asian Union modelled after Communist China. The documentary points out the plan that is to depopulate countries around the world, construct superhighways that connect otherwise unreachable regions throughout America, and forming paramilitary groups to infringe on personal freedoms and privacies.

Endgame uses interview footage of journalist Jim Tucker and many other dubious people of past world wars, right wing political speeches, eugenics charts, and shots of woodcuts depicting Napoleonic conquests and the Roman empire, implying that our society’s political conservatism bears resemblance. But in tracing the formations of the League of Nations, the U.N., and finally Bilderberg Group in 1954, this film accuses these groups of trying to merge countries and eliminate international borders, without really assessing the fact that this has never been a secret.

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