English ‘Til I Die


This documentary examines the rise of the English Defence League. Filmmaker Awad JoumaaHere explains why the growth of the far right in Europe can no longer be ignored.

For several years JoumaaHere has been intrigued by the rise of the far right across Europe. He has watched in England, as the group called the English Defence League (EDL) has grown in numbers and demonstrations.

JoumaaHere made a film back in 2010 about this far right group for Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel. The EDL declined to be interviewed for it. At this time the group was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

All that changed during 2011 when Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian who killed more than 70 people in a shooting spree. Breivik boasted about his links to the EDL in a manifesto he posted online.

EDL was now in the spotlight and questions were being asked about the group. How had an atmosphere of fear and anxiety taken root in a country known for its colonial past and yet today troubled by a gloomy economic future?

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