The Enigma of Flying Spheres


Flying Spheres have been seen by thousands of eye witnesses around the globe. Since World War II, these strange flying spheres have been reported and filmed making impossible manoeuvres compared to terrestrial aircraft. These objects can avoid radar and even disable tracking and flight instrumentation.

During World War 2, pilots reported small sphere or fireball like objects flying near or beside bombers or fighters. Allies and Axis pilots thought the flying spheres were secret weapons, from the opposing side. The Allied pilots named these mysterious flying craft, “Foo Fighters”.

The foo fighter experiences of pilots were taken very seriously. Accounts of these cases were presented to heavyweight scientists, such as David Griggs, Luis Alvarez and H.P. Robertson. The phenomenon was never explained. Most of the information about the issue has never been released by military intelligence.

Not only has the phenomenon been seen by have been seen by military pilots, but also airline pilots, NASA space shuttle pilots, and even International Space Station personnel. Is their origin extraterrestrial?

Despite all efforts, flying spheres still remain a mystery to UFO researchers. The Enigma of Flying Spheres presents everything we now know about this amazing mystery along with a stunning selection of authentic video footage of the flying spheres.

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