Hosted by Woody Harrelson, Ethos takes us on an investigation into the flaws of our current systems, and the mechanisms that work against democracy, our environment and the common good.

Using in-depth research and breadth of analysis, the movies takes us deep into the inter-connected worlds of Politics, Multi-National Corporations and the Media. At some point in our lives, most of us will wonder how we could have of arrived at a situation where democracy is suppose to offer us all an equal society, yet we continually see injustices and corruption.

Across the planet, we witness as politicians openly deceive the public by throwing their support behind major corporations and mainstream media. Wars are fought, our environment is continually being destroyed and inequality is on the rise. But what is the source of these institutional mechanisms which — when we scratch the surface — are so clearly anti-democratic, so contradictory to the values we hold in common and yet so firmly embedded that they seem beyond discussion?

Ethos delves into the cross-roads of capitalism-meets and democracy, implicating how power elites are putting profit before the public interests. The movie also offers us a solution to the problem, whereby all of us can regain some control using the one thing that drives them — your money.

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