Evolution Vs. God


Ray Comfort’s documentary, Evolution Vs. God challenges the belief of those who support the Darwinian evolution theory a scientific fact. The film attempts to demonstrate the theory is unscientific by approaching evolutionary scientists from some the world’s top universities.

Comfort demands university educators present compelling evidence in support of Darwinian evolution. Unfortunately the evidence presented is snippets of interviews from young students and professors who are unable to present a comprehensive argument in support for the theory of evolution. Ray uses a number of puzzling questions that are full of scientific inaccuracies.

One tactic that Comfort took during the documentary was were he asked for observable evidence for evolution, with most citing the fossil record. Since many fossils were formed over millions of years. Comfort came to the conclusion that the evidence could not be observed, eliminating the evidence we would expect to support the interpretations of origins science research. It is also during this part of the film that students are asked if they would save their dog over a human being. Majority of the students responded that they would save their dog over another human if they could only save one.

Evolution Vs. God and its subtitle “Shaking the Foundations of Faith,” will not successfully shakes people’s faith in evolution and can be clearly seen as aimed towards Christians who already disbelieve evolution.

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  1. Do these people also tell children that Father Christmas, tooth fairy etc. are not real?
    Message: Get over yourselves!

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