Fear, Anger and 911


It has been over ten years since the 911 attacks, yet it is still an open wound that is diving many communities across the U.S. In this film, Al Jazeera follows the stories of American Muslims who were targeted by the anti-terrorist crackdown, and for most of them, it was falsely being labelled a terrorist that hurt them the most.

Since September 11, Journalist Nadia Zouaoui has witnessed some the various ways that Muslims has been stereotyped, how they have been made into something anti-Semitic in the American fabric of life.

A 2010 Washington Post poll revealed that 46% of Americans said they held unfavourable attitudes towards Islam. Compared with 24 per cent in January 2002.

Why the big change? Zouaoui sets out to investigate the prejudice against, hatred towards, or irrational fear of Muslims. Otherwise known as Islamophobia.

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