The Finland School System Phenomenon

This film uncovers the facts behind Finland's successful school system

Sean Faust

Finland’s education system has ranked as one of the world’s top school systems for more than a decade. With no standardized tests, no homework, no private schools, it makes you wonder, how does Finland have such an astonishing record of education success?

The Finnish schooling phenomenon has puzzled and enthralled many American parents and educators after the release of the documentary, Waiting For Superman, which highlighted America’s problematic public school system.

In The Finland Phenomenon, Harvard researcher, Dr. Tony Wagner, decided to find out the facts and takes us inside the world’s most surprising school system.

Dr. Tony Wagner, a lifelong educator, travels to Finland where he meets with students, parents, teachers, school administrators and government officials to understand why Finnish kids have the best education in the world.

He discovers that the teachers have a “whatever it takes” attitude, and the schools are a size that teachers know every pupil. If one method doesn’t work, teachers consult and try a different course of action. It’s a challenge the teachers seem to love.

Can the United States and other countries learn from Finland’s unique school curriculum? Or, as some argue, is this an outlier country?

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