First Life with David Attenborough


David Attenborough takes us on an unforgettable journey to look for the origins of life. Taking us not only around our planet but back in time to try and build a picture of what life was like in that very early period.

The documentary First Life is a journey full of wonders, parts of it were unknown until only a few years ago. In 50-years of film-making, Attenborough has been lucky enough to explore our living world in its splendor and complexity.

Before long the oceans were alive with vast reefs of strange creatures, each trying out newly evolved solutions to the problems of living. They had the first shells, the first backbones, the first legs and the first teeth.

They were the first swimmers, the first parasites and the first predators, some of which grew to immense sizes, even bigger than a man. Many died out, but the successful ones became the blueprints of all modern life on Earth, from the tiniest ant to the largest mammal — they were even the first ancestors of you and me.

Watch as Attenborough explores the origins of our world, looking for the very first living creatures that appeared on Earth.

In recent years, scientists have unearthed dramatic evidence of what those first creatures were like. We can also find clues in living animals. Using the latest technology, it’s possible to bring those first animals to life for the first time in 500 million years.

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