Flintown Kids

Omar McGee

The town of Flint, Michigan is a poor urban area in the United States mainly populated with African Americans who moved from the South after Reconstruction.

When General Motors abandoned the town, it soon became one of the poorest areas in the country. This documentary captures the stark setting which the locals live. We witness the hardships, sufferings, mishaps, and the sacrifices people make to last in this town.

Flint Town Kids takes a look at the failing education system where locals schools are built to produce basketball players. And for those who don’t play basketball, they’re left with a poor excuse for classrooms and lack of learning materials.

The movie features NBA players like LeBron James, Morris Peterson, Eddie Robinson, Trent Tucker, Glen Rice, Tracy McGrady, Jason Richardson and Chucky Atkins who were all lucky enough to make it to the big time.

For those who are not fortunate enough to escape poverty in Flint, they turn to drugs and violence to survive living in the town.

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