Food Fight

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Food Fight takes a fascinating look at the rapid development of American agribusiness during World War II to today and the role of huge food processing conglomerates.

The legacy of that explosion in crop production was the making of junk food out of cheap, over-abundant commodities like corn and soybeans. In just two generations, the American food consumer went from a problem of under-supply and malnutrition to one of over-supply and obesity.

In 1971 Alice Waters opened a restaurant – Chez Panisse. With an insistence on local, fresh, seasonal, sustainable, and organic produce she started a revolution. In this spirit the Organic Food Movement was born. It is a beautiful revolution, good for us and good for the planet.

Food Fight shows how we can all share in this revolution. We have power through our food choices to put the culture back in agriculture.

We get three votes a day, and if just one meal is made with a mind to the small farmer, the land, and the environment, then we can all make a huge difference, one meal at a time.

The documentary has an important message to convey to us all and will become a major talking point at home long after the festival is over.

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