Food Matters

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James Colquhou

Food Matters examines how the over-industrialization of food production is a leading factor in the declining health of Americans.

The film argues that despite the millions of dollars spent every year on research to find new magical cures, Americans still suffer from everyday illnesses and disease.

While we continue to let the food industry genetically engineer our food supply and replace the nutritional value with additives, it should come as little surprise that we are relying on medicinal drugs to repair our famished bodies.

The documentary sets out to expose the worldwide trillion dollar sickness industry by presenting us with the growing scientific evidence that nutrient-dense foods can not only help us cure disease naturally, but is more viable than conventional medical treatments.

We will hear from leading nutritionists and natural healers who warn that we are damaging our bodies on daily basis not only due to improper nutrition but the right variety of foods. They advise that supplements and a good detoxification diet can be used to treat chronic illnesses as deadly as terminal cancer.

Food Matters will make each of us rethink what we are being told by major health care establishments and prove that making changes in what we eat and put in our bodies can help us live a long healthy life without the need for costly medical treatments.

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  1.  This is probably one of the best documentaries that I have ever watched. I totally believe that we are what we eat. Eat healthy non processed food people and feel and see the difference .

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