To understand the Americans, you must look at the hot dog. The documentary takes a humorous and educational look at wieners and the people who eat, sell, make and worship them.

Filmmakers Chris Patak and Gerry Beyer hit the road with a 5-foot wooden hot dog bolted to the roof of their maroon 1982 Chevy van with the intention of exploring the influence of the hot dog on American culture and eating a whole lot of dogs along the way.

The film chronicles their adventure as they travel from one historic hot dog venue to the next. These lifelong pals document the history of the hot dog by hitting every famous dog landmark from Pink’s Chilidogs in Los Angeles to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island and features trips to the final resting place of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile in Detroit, The Hot Dog Hall of Fame and even The Hot Dog Ministry along the way.

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