The Future of Food

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The Future of Food has played a key part in international anti-GMO activist movements and environmental activist circuits since its release. The film offers an in-depth investigation into unlabelled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have been sold in grocery stores in the United States for the past decade.

The film gives voice to the farmers who are in disagreement with the food industry, detailing how new technologies have had a major impact on their livelihoods, and how political forces are changing what American people eat. The farmers state that they are held legally responsible for their crops being invaded by company-owned organisms.

The Future of Food criticizes the cost of a globalised food industry on human lives around the world, and how international companies are driving farmers off their land in many countries. The documentary warns that this kind of monoculture farming could eventually lead to a global dependence on corporations for all our food, and that there is an increased risk of ecological disasters caused by a reduction of biological diversity.

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