Retired police detective tries to intercept troubled souls looking to jump to their deaths.

Yung Chang

The Tojinbo Cliffs in Japan is well-known for its beautiful views and is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. But with precipitous cliffs, it also an attractive location for people wanting to jump to their death.

Since his retirement as a police detective, Yukio Shige has patrolled the popular suicide destination for over a decade looking to help those troubled people before they make the ultimate plunge to end it all.

Since he started his patrol, Shige has helped save the lives of over 500 people, but the suicide of an elderly couple still troubles him to this day. With a tour bus soon to arrive with locals wanting to witness the rugged beauty, there is still a mysterious darkness that hangs over those wanting to make it their final resting place.

In a country with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, Shige’s compassion and generosity have made him a lifeline for those with nothing left to lose.

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