The Giant Squid


When ships explore the wild seas of the Southern ocean, they send down trawl nets thousands of metres into the void. Sometimes they return with what seafarers use to call, monsters of the deep. For us there was one specimen we’ve been waiting for and perhaps the most mysterious of natures giants. The documentary reveals two giant squid that were caught by accident when a trawler fishing the deep ocean off New Zealand’s south island. They were frozen immediately on board.

The team discover that the giant squid has teeth on its tentacles and tongue, a throat that dives through the middle of its brain, and three hearts that power blue blood through a muscle-filled jet-propulsion cloak. They investigate how octopus and squid are masters of disguise and survive underwater warfare using camouflage, ink jets and spectacular light shows.

They piece together the puzzle of how the giant squid hunts, how it jets through the water, how its quick-fire beak pulverises food and why it has such enormous eyes. They also discover the brutal truth about giant squid sex.

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