Guns In the Sun


After so many recent mass shootings in the USA, vice decided to take a trip to Florida to see why so many American people are stockpiling firearms.

Weeks before the almost unfathomable mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro visited Florida to dive headfirst into its byzantine firearms laws and discover why his home state was the first in the US to issue over one million concealed weapons permits.

Through interviews and time on the range with veterans, law enforcement officials, and gun store owners, the documentary digs deep into the gun debate and uncovers many troubling revelations along the way.

Oh, we also use a Craigslist-like site to arrange for the purchase of a handgun at 10pm in the parking lot of a hardware store. And it’s all 100-percent legal. Welcome to Florida.

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