Gunsmoke: USA


In an ongoing source of controversy in the US, gun laws are increasingly polarising the Southern states and Washington. In Arizona, Tea Party supporting, heavily armed, vigilante groups are taking over.

“The one thing we know about gun control is that it has never provided security”, argues former Arizona sheriff and local hero, Richard Mack.

Despite a recent gun massacre in Tuscon, the majority still support free gun laws. Heavily armed US citizens take Mexican border security into their own hands in this “state with a frontier mentality”.

In the last 2 years over 100 new civilian militia groups have formed, it is fertile ground for Tea Party supporters. There is little doubt as to who is the real enemy here: “The greatest threat to our God-given American liberty is our own federal government”. With the cultural divide between North and South looking dangerously wide, Arizona is becoming more than a state: it’s a state of mind.

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