Here Comes The Sun


Countries around the globe are leading the way towards a green economy. Sadly lobbying by the oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries are hindering progress.

In time, and may be even now depending on the price of electricity in your area, solar technology is going to be economically cost effective than traditional forms of electricity.

If it were up to the sun, we’d have no energy problems worldwide. Every 30 minutes on the Earth’s surface, there’s more than enough sunlight to provide the planets energy needs for an entire year. We don’t have an energy problem, we have a conversion problem.

If we could harvest sunlight in a smart method, then we would be able to prevent a worldwide energy crisis.

German government measures have proved that it’s doable. Villagers have fully installed solar power on empty lands. Power stations contribute to the network and where they’re deserved.

Several countries follow the German example: The Americans have their Grand Solar Plan and the French are talking about a solar set up with the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea. According to the Spanish electricity producers, oil corporations are going to be omitted.

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