Hidden Healer: Josef Zezulka


In easter 1945, Josef Zezulka’s life was unusually and mysteriously changed. He experienced an extraordinary state of open consciousness. He said: “It was as if I recalled something I had known before and forgotten”.

He received two gifts. The gift of spirit, to know the truth of life law directly without learning and mediators, and the gift of healing. By the gift of spirit he elaborated the philosophy of Being and he also established biotronics as a healing discipline and soon became a healer, a biotronic – sanator of a world format.

He demonstrated to doctors successful healing of illnesses and saved many people by masterful healing of cancer.

Despite the disfavour of state ideology he was also successful abroad. He is the author of a comprehensive philosophical work that was created in quite a miraculous way, the gift of spirit is not to be found at every street corner, it is given once about every 2,000 years.

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