The Vietnam War


At a total cost of more than 3.1 million lives, the Vietnam conflict is, to date, America’s most controversial war. It also marked the first time TV journalists ventured out to the front lines to bring the spectacle of combat into American living rooms.

Across the nation, Americans watched, captivated by the surprise Tet Offensive and the slow-motion tragedy of the 77-day Battle of Khe Sanh, and witnessed the courage and skill of American soldiers at decisive engagements like Ia Drang Valley, Con Thien, and Dak To.

This film profiles the decision-makers and chronicles each key event in the Vietnam war, from the advisor’s arrival in 1959 to the airlift from the roof of the American Embassy in 1975.

Archival footage and interviews with historians and veterans reveal the military and political strategies in play, and CBS News archives take viewers to the front lines to witness the daily struggles of American servicemen and women.

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