Hood Life: A Hip Hop Guided Tour Of Compton


The Game’s stepfather takes viewers and a car load of Australian tourists through South Central, LA giving the tourists a history lesson on N.W.A., Tupac Shakur and the late Rodney King.

Hodari Sababu points out the strip for all your prostitution needs and where he used to sell drugs. He also makes note of the exotic male dance club he and The Game’s mom started, hiring ex-cons freshly out of jail. Another notable landmark on the tour is Eazy-E’s childhood home, which he points out in a drive-by.

The enterprising dad explains the inspiration for short documentary came from going to his son’s concerts and seeing a rich white audience singing along without any knowledge of what they were singing along to. Hood Life gives viewers a chance to learn a little more about the street names and neighbourhoods referenced in their favourite rap songs.

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