Hungry For Change

James Colquhoun

Diets, are they safe? Hungry For Change sets out to expose the shocking truth behind diets and weight loss, and how the food industry has been up to its old dirty tricks again, not only holding you back from achieving a healthy weight but to keep you coming back for more.

Featuring interviews with leading health experts who tell us that about the dangers of sugar, diet soda’s, and how we can improve our lives with fewer chemicals and healthier food.

We also meet those who know about being overweight and unhappy, and for one lady in the movie, she found happiness when she rid the processed foods, sugar filled shakes, soda’s and started juicing.

This documentary will teach you how to escape the diet trap finally and attain the body and health you deserve.

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  2. This is a real eye opener to the tactics of the food and diet industries and the way they manipulate us

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