Hunt For The Giant Squid

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For hundreds of years, sailors have told tales of ferocious underwater giant squid. In this film an ultra modern research crew is hoping to catch a glimpse of these ultimate monsters.

Weighing in at 200kg and 12 metres in length, these giant squid lurk about 500 metres below sea level, and are notoriously hard to capture on film – they have never been shot in their natural world.

The National Geographic team is headed by British camera expert and expedition leader Martin Dohrn, the brave souls of the Makaira are hoping to be the first.

Equipped with radical night-vision cameras and a custom-built stealth rig known as ‘the Gupster’, their mission takes them to a giant squid hotspot off the coast of the Azores.

With the camera lowered, an astonishing array of curious creatures and super-sized sea serpents loom out of the darkness. Could one of them be the elusive giant squid?

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  1. Would be nice to watch but your web site does not allow to do so. I’ve tried many links but nothing works.

  2. I agrre we can’t get it to play either – how do yo do this? Please advise! Have a 9-year-old desperate to watch it!

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