The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

The search for Nazi technology is the Allies highest priority

National Geographic Channel

Near the end of World War Two, defeat was imminent for Nazi Germany. D-Day opened up a second Allied front, and the Germans lost positions to Allied forces. Paris was liberated, and so were Romania and Bulgaria.

But the German army was never going down without a fight. To inflict as much damage of the Allies as possible, they used a deadly array of weapons from ballistic missiles to rocket planes too, perhaps, developing the atomic bomb and using it given the chance.

The British, American and Russian governments were not about to sit around and wait to be bombarded with German advanced technology. Each government sent out commandos and agents deep behind enemy lines looking for weapons and the scientists who created them.

For British and American operatives, failure was not an option. They need to their hands on the German technology and capture the scientists before the Soviet Union could use the knowledge in a post-war world already feeling the chill of the impending cold war.

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