I Am Fishead


We all know that our society is structured like a pyramid. There are those elite few at the top who create the conditions and laws for the majority below. Who are these people calling the shots and controlling our lives? Are they to blame for the problems in society? Guided by the saying “A fish rots from the head.” this documentary sets out to follow that smelly fish odor. And what you will learn is that these very people at the top of the pyramid are more likely to psychopaths than the rest of us.

Who, or what, is a psychopath? Unlike the stereotypical image we see in Hollywood movies, they’re not exactly blood thirsty monsters lurking in the dark. In fact, it could be that nice little old lady that you were chatting to on your way to work this morning. Or may be your kids elementary school teacher, your boss, or even your loved one.

The medical definition is simple: A psychopath is a person who lacks empathy and conscience, the quality which guides us when we choose between good and evil, moral or not. Most of us are conditioned to do good things. Psychopaths are not. Their impact on society is staggering, yet altogether psychopaths barely make up one percent of the population.

Using interviews with renowned experts, I Am Fishead takes us deep into the minds of psychopaths and heroes to reveal the shocking implications they’re having on our lives.

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