I Beat Mike Tyson


In 2005, an unknown Irish boxer defeated former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, in front of thousands of people. Then he disappeared.

Mike Tyson quit the fight by informing the referee that he would not be able to continue to round Seven. The aged Tyson explained after the fight in an interview that his heart wasn’t into the sport any-more. Tyson announced his retirement after the bout, saying “I’m not going to disrespect the sport any-more by losing to this calibre of fighter”

When filmmaker Joshua Weinstein rediscovers boxer Kevin McBride, he finds him living in a gritty Boston suburb raising his children.

Yet while Kevinʼs body is deteriorating, yet he compulsively continues to fight. This lyrical film finds a boxer at the end of his career – engaging in the Sisyphean task that is his life.

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