I Knew Bin Laden


In 2011, US president Barack Obama, announced that Osama bin Laden was killed in a raid by US special forces. The raid took place about 60km north of Islamabad, Pakistan. The death of the al-Qaeda leader brings an end to the 10 year manhunt.

Before Bin Laden was killed, the only people to have seen him was his very close entourage, his last sighting was in late 2001 – just as he was preparing to flee Afghanistan. However, since 2001 several video and audio recording were released by bin Laden.

This film looks at how he developed his political agenda, and investigates how the Saudi-born son joined the guerrillas in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union.

Ahmad Zaidan, conducts interviews with Taliban commandos, former Mujahideen leaders, Pakistani officials, and journalists who all share their memories of the world’s most wanted man.

Some of the people interviews debunk some of the popular myths about the religious fanatic and a terrorist.

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