IKEA Documentary – Ultimate Factories

Victoria Kirk

To build and deliver IKEA’s furniture, it takes a global factory network of over 1,000 manufacturing plants, 27 distribution centers, and 300 stores.

In Zbaszynek, Poland, IKEA’s largest wood production plant in the world, creates 2 million tables, chairs, sofas and recliners each year.

Nearby, in Nowe Skalmmierzyce, the company’s textile supplier builds over 500 pieces of upholstered furniture daily. In southern Sweden, three ultimate factories create IKEA staples.

In Almhult, the prototype for every product is born and an advanced mass produced carpentry factory creates state of the art kitchens.

In Kattilstorp, the classic Billy Bookcase is manufactured. And in Hultsfred, the foundation of most furnishings, the strong, hardwearing particle board is born.

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