I’m A Child Anorexic


I’m A Child Anorexic follows underweight children and teens who are undergoing treatment for anorexia, some who are barely six years old.

Filmed over four months, the documentary reveals the ups and downs of their 12-week treatment program, including their personal video diaries and interaction with each another.

It is a fresh and shocking insight into the kids’ beliefs about food, dieting and fat; and the terrifying power of TV, magazines, celebrities, parents and peers in influencing and distorting their perceptions.

Watch as these girls go from dangerously thin to a healthy weight as they get ready for their departure.

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  1. Oh look. Another documentary that blames the media on everything.

    It’s funny, we don’t see the same thing espoused in schizophrenia documentaries. But, would you know it, both illnesses have are 80% biologically based and 20% environmentally influenced.

    Don’t push these myths further. We’re sick of it.

    1. Did we watch the same thing? I was pleasantly surprised that they emphasized that it was a mental illness and predisposition – a need to “control.” Not once did I hear it blamed on the media or the need to have perfect thin photoshopped body like in the magazine. I thought it was tastefully done.

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