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Do you know what a partially hydrogenated oil is? What does zero grams of trans fat per serving really mean?

inGREEDients is a compelling documentary film that takes the audience on a time-line journey through the history of human food consumption from prehistoric times to the present, when heart disease is the number one killer of humans and despite recent changes in food labeling laws, pounds of trans fats are consumed everyday.

The documentary features interviews with medical doctors, natural health doctors, scientists and researchers, politicians, journalists, and the lawyer that successfully stood up against two corporate food giants whose products are household names across America. The film also includes a brief look at heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, the three diseases most directly connected with our consumption of trans fats, chemical food additives, and processed food.

With cutting edge animations rarely achieved in filmmaking, inGREEDients will entertain, inspire, and educate all audiences of all ages.

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