Isle of Man TT: A Dangerous Addiction


The international Isle of Man TT is described as the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race. The tiny British island attracts more and more motorcycle enthusiasts every year, all trying their luck at winning this once prestigious race.

More than 25,000 people take the three hour ferry from Liverpool to Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, which is a self-governing British Crown Dependency. The TT race has claimed almost 150 lives in its 105 year history and the unforgiving course itself has claimed more than 250 lives.

The race is run in a time-trial format on 60 kilometres of public roads and lined with kerbs, lamp posts, houses, trees and granite walls. Most of the riders are amateurs with full-time jobs a world away from the megabucks of Grand Prix racing, and for them this is a very expensive business.

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