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The Internet Must Go is a video mockumentary which follows the character John Wooley, a market researcher who tries to come up with a plan for how internet service providers can try to market what internet access would look like without network neutrality protections.

The concept is that big internet providers cannot prioritize websites or any other online services over others, treating all online content equally. Keeping the internet open is importnant for future econimic growth and free speech online. Current rules prevent powerful coporations from paying ISP’s for a preferential “fast lane” service, while startups, small entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone else online who could not afford a preferential service would be stuck in the “slow lane”.

It is important for us all to have market researchers like John Wooley, without them the internet would not be a level playing field, and not many of us could compete with the large corportations.

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  1. Our Federal Government has become so much of an interference that it has stagnated the USA; thus, there are only a few major players in the Nation now; for example, The Military Industrial Complex, The Prison Industrial Complex, and The Health Industrial Complex; in fact, it has become so bad that all the Federal Government seems to know these days is to continue saying the word “No” to our Freedom, and our Independence, and it keeps the USA stagnate; for example, “No” to the Recreational Cannabis Industry, “No” to the Hemp Industry, “No” to the Medicinal Cannabis Industry, and now even “No” to Independence of access to the Internet such as North Carolina found out. So you can see that the Federal Government is responsible for destroying our Independence and our Freedom; thus, it has made the USA stagnate; yet, the Federal Government keeps us distracted as though it is other Nations that are wanting to destroy our Independence and our Freedom; however, the only word that the Federal Government seems to know is telling our Independence, and Freedom the word “No.” Now the question arises, “When is enough enough?” EYE 5

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