Iran’s Nuclear Secrets


In Iran, the race is on to go nuclear, for almost two decades, the nation has kept key nuclear facilities a secret from the world. They claim they have been developing nuclear energy for purely peaceful purposes. But the United States doesn’t believe them, they claim they have been building weapons of mass destruction.

Even if Iran does have nuclear capabilities, what can the world do about it? This documentary gains exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the UN’s nuclear watchdog in Vienna, scrutinise Iran’s nuclear capability. Film-makers travel to Iran with UN weapons inspectors to meet the Iranian negotiators who remain adamant they’re doing nothing wrong.

Iran’s Nuclear Secrets interviews Director General of the IAEA, the man caught in the diplomatic crossfire between states eager to join the nuclear club, and those already in who do not trust the outsiders to play safe.

Can Iran negotiators convince the weapons inspectors they can be trusted? If not, and Iran refuse to suspend their nuclear energy development, the diplomats may have to make way for military strategists.

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