Is the Universe Infinite?


Since our early ancestors, humans have been curious as to how the stars stretch into the universe and what lays beyond them. Today, we have massive telescopes that allow us to peer into the night sky and go deep into space, even allowing us to look at the time of its birth.

They’ve restructured the course of cosmic history in astonishing detail. From intensive computer modelling and mirrored close observations, they’ve uncovered important clues to the universes ongoing evolution. Many now conclude that what we can see, the stars and galaxies that stretch out to the limits of our vision, represent only a tiny fraction of all there is. Does the universe go on forever and where do we fit within it, and how would our greatest thinkers wrapped their brains around the far-out ideas of cutting edge.

To get a handle on infinity we are going to need some numbers and scales that define our universe.

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